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Welding Repairs

There are many types of repairs in restaurants and water damage can lead to much bigger problems. Floor and wall damage are only the visual and left unrepaired, can lead to more costly structural repairs.

Restaurant Stainless Solutions has followed NSF standards for 37 years and comply to all local health department requirements.

On-Site Modifications

Dish Tables

Pre-measure for fabrication

Cut line

Fabricated dish table extension

Cut, welded and polished

Accommodating new dish machine

Installation complete

Plumbing Modifications

IMG_3947 (1).JPG
IMG_3949 (1).JPG

Modification to remove Disposal

Fabricate and weld in standard sink drain

Modification complete

Client Conversions

Laminate to stainless steel

Wisconsin Surgery Lab 3.JPG
Wisconsin Surgery Lab 1 (2).JPG
Wisconsin Surgery Lab 1 (1).JPG

Custom Remodels

Custom fabricated replacement top with integrated sink

Custom Installs

Set, sealed and ready to use

Customer Satisfaction

From concept to completion

Walk In D.JPG

Rework , supply and install walk-in cooler and freezer floors with aluminum tread plate.

Ever Shelf.jpg

Creative Concepts

Ever Floating Shelves

Custom Design, Fabrication, Repairs and Modifications

Exceptional solutions and results

Magos DT.JPG

Custom Dish Tables

Coordinating Dish Machine Installs

Magos DT 2.JPG
Truco chef's line.jpg

Custom Chef's Counters

Custom Counter tops

Mojo rework 2 (1).jpg

All of our designs and fabrication is of NSF standards. Designs are CAD Engineered in addition to Precision Fabrication and Assembly. Repairs and Modifications to existing equipment are of the same Attention to Quality and Service.

Custom Design and Fabrication

Oyster Bar.JPG

Quality Displayed

Your ideas combined with our talents

Custom Oyster Bar

From concept to reality

Smoker 2_edited.jpg
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